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Disclaimer: Everything mentioned here are my views and doesn’t represent the views of my employer.

A year in which “unprecedented” might be the most used word to describe itself can’t be easy for sure. Welcome to the end of 2020. I really wish for an amazing 2021 for all of you.

This “unprecedented” year has been huge, giving me learnings for a lifetime. While not talking about the personal learnings here but would like to do a professional introspection of this year.

I am working for Udaan, a Unicorn, one of the fastest-growing B2B e-commerce company. The task was/is to…

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I am not an expert, rather let me put it in this way that I suck at following a routine. I am more of a mode person or kind of “go with the flow” person. I end up working a lot when I am in the work mode, listen to music, or watch Netflix whenever I go into the chill mode. Maybe, this is the reason I can vouch for the fact that “Routine is underrated”.

You might have heard so many people talking about a hustler, a workaholic, an avid reader, or whatever but very few people boast about…

How important is it? How big can it be? What is the “
Coût maximum”, I am willing to pay for it?

When I started thinking about my “non-negotiables”, these were the questions I was fighting in my mind. What if “something” happens in my work that falls into my non-negotiable? Should I walk out of my work? Am I willing to pay such a huge cost?

So what are “Non-negotiables” or rather the art of practising “non-negotibles”?

Non-negotiables are the set of rules that defines a person’s constitution. …

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Disclaimer: Don’t read it if you have not seen Money heist, can be sort of a spoiler.

Money Heist is a beautiful series, the storytelling, characters all of it. I absolutely loved it. The story of Money heist is a lot closer to starting up and building up an org.


If you look at the Prof, he is the best version of a start-up founder. Awkward but confident, very detail-oriented with clarity in thinking. He knows to prioritize tasks and runs by a set of rules being extremely disciplined in his approach. …

What’s a startup?

“A startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.”

-Eric Ries

The last two words are extremely important. Startups are always under “extreme uncertainty”.

Last few days, we have heard about a lot of backlash as startups are laying off so many people in tough times. People are comparing company X to Y and giving examples of how X did not layoff but Y even with VC money laid off many people.

But, honestly, do we hire people as an entrepreneur so that we can drag them…

Just to give you a brief about myself. I work as a tech recruiter at, married and have an amazing German shepherd named Mac.

Day 1:

Work-wise it is a regular day. The team looks a little frustrated because of the pressure to achieve numbers similar to Jan and Feb. Although they are all still very committed and we might reach closer to the forecasted number.


I still feel, interviewing remotely is a bigger challenge than working remotely. The interviewers and interviewees both find it incredibly difficult to take and give design and architecture rounds. Both sides feel…

My dad keeps on telling me that, there is app for everything in Bengaluru. Do you have an app, which will at-least call us once a day on your behalf…

So I got this crazy idea, to navigate one entire day in the city only on apps. Next what follows is my entire day spent via apps. My weapons - My mobile phone, Charger and Powerbank.

7:00 Saturday morning, got up.

8:00 Breakfast — Swiggy (Payment — Simpl)

9:00 Booked movie tickets — Bookmyshow (Payment — Lazypay)

10:30 To reach movie theatre — Rapido (Payment — Paytm)

12:30 Interval snacks…

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While 2012 to 2014 was era of E-commerce and apps in India, 2017 onwards VCs are bullish on Healthcare, Fintech and SaaS companies. With Paytm winning the Fintech bet in India, Practo is one the biggest player in Healthcare domain while 1Mg also has a substantial presence.

Of late few companies like DocsApp are coming into the picture which helps patients connect online with Doctors for an Online consultation. Practo and 1Mg also has this feature of Online consultation. …

We have all tried atleast once in our life to inculcate a hobby or to learn anything new but most of the times we have failed miserabely. Of course there are people who succeed and I have huge respect for them.

So why do we fail and how can we fail in a better way. The question is, Is there a better way to fail? Yes, certainly is. You can still fail to achieve final goal by failing in a better way but your ROI will never be zero.

I have tried so many things in my life. Like things…

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Airtel and Amazon, both of these companies have experienced tremendous growth. Both of them are biggest in their own home-ground and also entered other markets, both of them doing well in other markets as well.

Jeff Bezos and Sunil Bharti Mittal, both have shown tremendous vision in identifying an opportunity early and nailing it to perfection. It was the vision, guile and thought process of both the co-founders, leading both of them to such great heights of success.

Huge customer base, strong market domination, positive revenue and a lot more similarities than we can think of. Both businesses can be…

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