21 days of self-quarantine

Abhishek Chatterjee
2 min readMar 25, 2020

Just to give you a brief about myself. I work as a tech recruiter at Udaan.com, married and have an amazing German shepherd named Mac.

Day 1:

Work-wise it is a regular day. The team looks a little frustrated because of the pressure to achieve numbers similar to Jan and Feb. Although they are all still very committed and we might reach closer to the forecasted number.


I still feel, interviewing remotely is a bigger challenge than working remotely. The interviewers and interviewees both find it incredibly difficult to take and give design and architecture rounds. Both sides feel they could do a lot more with a whiteboard or pen and paper. While we are experimenting with a few software, nothing looks closer yet.


Since candidates are at home, it is easier for us to get interview slots. Many more people are saying yes to interviews. The thing that you don’t have to really take off from office and don’t have to travel has a positive effect on willingness to give interviews.

Yet to be seen:

The number of people interviewed will be a 20% straight drop from the Month of Jan and Feb but the important thing is to look into conversions like Interview to Offer and Reach out vs interviews.

Personal front:

Played a lot of Fifa. I also got to know my wife is a much better Tekken player. Keeps on using a specific combo to win matches. Kind of irritating.

The day started badly when an asshole picked up a fight with me for walking my Dog in the lockdown. He failed to understand that it was not a pleasure walk but more of a necessity. Threatened me of calling cops but I caught his bluff.

I also started sanitizing Mac’s paws after every walk.

Self Improvement:

Did nothing, absolutely 0. Disappointed.

End of day 1…