Abhishek Chatterjee

Dec 24, 2020

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Recruiting 2020. Self-reflection

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Disclaimer: Everything mentioned here are my views and doesn’t represent the views of my employer.

A year in which “unprecedented” might be the most used word to describe itself can’t be easy for sure. Welcome to the end of 2020. I really wish for an amazing 2021 for all of you.

This “unprecedented” year has been huge, giving me learnings for a lifetime. While not talking about the personal learnings here but would like to do a professional introspection of this year.

I am working for Udaan, a Unicorn, one of the fastest-growing B2B e-commerce company. The task was/is to build and scale the tech team. The numbers were daunting, the team very very demanding and a very high bar to maintain and raise further. From here I am mentioning everything I have learned this entire year. While reading this do keep in mind, no one is perfect and we have had our share of mistakes but we didn’t dwell on them we corrected and moved ahead. We are far from perfect or even good but we take feedback very seriously and will keep improving.


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Mistakes 2020

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All interviews should be tracked: I was once interviewing for our team, I gave the candidate an assignment and in the chaos of other interviews I almost forgot about the interview and that person had to wait for like an hour. The person is one of the best on our team, would have been such a loss if I would have lost that person for my inability to track all the interviews.

Making unfulfilling promises: Sometimes have come under a bit of pressure and made promises to candidates or hiring managers that shouldn’t have been made by me. This is something that needs to improve for the next year.

Didn’t celebrate small wins: Maybe due to the pandemic or the task that lied ahead we kept working this entire year and didn’t celebrate the small wins that we should have. This is important can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.

Proud 2020

We have added 100+ engineers to the team, who will be building products that create a positive impact on Bharat’s economy and livelihood. BTW we have just started :)

Thanks 2020

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Thanks to each one of my team members. It is amazing to work with them. If there is one word to describe this team I would use “Trust”.

Also to all the hiring managers for teaching us so many things and pushing us harder, and believing in us more than we believed in ourselves.

Special mention to rahul2286. This is the third company we are working together and the friendship and synergy that we share are amazing and he makes working so much easier for me and everyone around.