Abhishek Chatterjee
2 min readMar 29, 2019

My dad keeps on telling me that, there is app for everything in Bengaluru. Do you have an app, which will at-least call us once a day on your behalf…

So I got this crazy idea, to navigate one entire day in the city only on apps. Next what follows is my entire day spent via apps. My weapons - My mobile phone, Charger and Powerbank.

7:00 Saturday morning, got up.

8:00 Breakfast — Swiggy (Payment — Simpl)

9:00 Booked movie tickets — Bookmyshow (Payment — Lazypay)

10:30 To reach movie theatre — Rapido (Payment — Paytm)

12:30 Interval snacks — Paytm

15:00 Pub — Zomato Gold

Payment — They said no for online payments. Bummer !!!

What to do?

Asked my wife to send me my Debit card — Dunzo (Seemed risky, but was willing to take the risk, she packed the card in an envelope, reached to me just fine)

17:30 Cab to home — Ola. (Payment — Ola money (Driver wasn’t happy at all, gave me 1 star))

Payment for a smoke while waiting for cab — Phonpe (Paytm was there too, but I had to maximize my use case)

18:15 Reached home — Got yelled at wasting entire day for an experiment.

19:00 Ordered groceries (Model husband) — Bigbasket (Payment — Amazon Pay)

19:15 pm Too much Beer will give me headache ,so few tablets and hydrants for next morning— 1mg

22:00 pm Arsenal vs Manchester United — Hotstar (Of Course Arsenal won❤)

Wanted to use DriveU and Drivezy too. Maybe accommodate these two in my next experiment.

Used 15 apps, +1 integrated feature (Ola money). No hiccups apart from Pub thing but happy that it gave me an use case for dunzo.

Respect and Kudos to all the superstar co-founders and their ever hardworking team for making Bangalore amazing, doesn’t matter you guys succeed or fail, but you did amaze us with awesome products.

Next, I want an app to book dog walkers and book dog homes in advance :)
Comment and let me know your favorite or must have apps in the comment section.